Woodbridge T 0001 Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet Review

Woodbridge T 0001 Toilet ReviewYou must be looking for some reliable, inexpensive and efficient flushing system toilet for sure. This is without a doubt has become a tedious job to find a perfect toilet under minimum budget. Well this is not that much hard now as you are going to review one of the best toilets by WoodBridge T-0001 toilet.

Product Review

The WoodBridge brand has just been established in early 2000s but it has produced some quality toilets and made its name within a short span of time. One thing that you must look for whenever you get WoodBridge toilet that you have to see the logo of it. If your toilet is missing its trademark then you should immediately return it back to the Amazon. There are few fundamental things you will find in any WoodBridge toilet. Things like sophisticated design with its main focus on easy-to-clean approach, highly efficient flush system and in this toilet you will get dual-flush system to save water.

We have got you one of the finest products by WoodBridge and you will see that the design and flush system efficiency alone can win it for you. You have to read is features and pros/cons as it will help you in making the decision.


You will surely find plenty of common features in this toilet that can be found in other toilets too of the same brand. Having said that still it has to offer some of the features not combined like in this WoodBridge T-0001 toilet with some great quality and reasonable price. The design of this toilet is luxurious modern design with its easy to clean feature made possible because of skirted trap way. Other things that make cleaning easier is the fact that it does not have corners or grooves which becomes a problem sometimes in reaching to the corners.

This is a dual-flush toilet and that is one of the reasons why you should buy this one to save water and help overall environment. Dual flush system uses either 1 gallon per flush or 1.6 gallon per flush and it is powered with siphon flushing design. This flushing system is not only powerful but you will see that it does the job quietly. Not to forget here that it has also got water sense certificate. As far as height of the toilet is concerned, it is made for all age groups with its comfort height seat. It comes up with a soft close toilet seat in the package. It is highly durable toilet courtesy to its stainless steel seat hinge.

Installation is quite easy but you will have to see the dimensions carefully as it is an elongated toilet. This is without any doubt one of the best one-piece toilet available in the market under this budget.


You are shortly going to read some of the benefits that come with this toilet. The advantages are made possible because of the sophisticated design.

  • First thing you will have to do right after unpacking this toilet is that you will have to install it. You will need a plumber for sure to get this thing done but it is quite basic installation and you will not be charged enough. This is designed to give you an easy installation.
  • It becomes quite a task for any toilet to clean it in less time. Fortunately, this toilet has got some seriously good structure which helps in cleaning it.
  • If you are worried about its warranty then here it goes for you. There is 5 year limited warranty on porcelain parts and 1 year on flushing system, toilet seat. This is good enough time of warranty and you will probably would not need this.


This toilet is not exempted from flaws and you will see if they are serious or not.

  • You may face some problem regarding its push buttons on the top lid and you may have to hold it for a while for proper flushing.
  • This is a general concern about this brand that its customer care service is not up to the mark yet. There are ways to find the right support but still if you are in urgent need, you may have to spend some time to get the perfect response.


The best thing in WoodBridge T-0001 toilet has always been its competitive price with huge number of features. This is the toilet you need to have in your bathroom with easy maintenance and higher durability. A smart choice indeed.


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