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Toto Vespin IIOut of very few brands, TOTO has established its name in toilet products and it could be viewed as one of the legitimate competitors of Kohler.

This one is the TOTO Vespin II two-piece high-efficiency toilet with SanaGloss and colonial white color. The great thing about this model is that it does not cost you too much as some of the top brand’s toilets do. It is specially designed to provide you the best services and that is the reason why it has got a double cyclone flushing system which is only faster, efficient but also consumes less amount of water.

Another interesting aspect of this toilet is that it is made with a SanaGloss surface and that is the reason why you do not have to spend too much water while cleaning it. Its surface does not gather that much debris and gets cleaned with less amount of chemical as well.

This Toto Vespin II toilet is marketed as a decorative two-piece toilet and this again courtesy to its sophisticated design and material. Right now we have managed to dig deeper into this product with all its features, pros and cons to make sure that you get the best out of best from this top brand.


This product by TOTO has got some special features and without any doubt comes up with all sorts of qualities that TOTO toilets generally possess. As you will see all the different features shortly of this toilet, you will get to know that for any toilet it must be made with good material along with other necessary features.

  • Flushing system – No matter how many technological innovations we see in toilets but flushing technique will still be present at the top. In this TOTO vespine toilet, the double cyclone flushing system provides not only the efficiency of any flushing system but also manages to keep the water consumption very low. To be exact, it just takes 1.28 gallons per flush of water which is up to the standards and helps in preserving the eco-system as a whole.
  • The design – First of all, you would love to see its delicate design which is centric to the idea of being its skirted design. The height of the toilet has been made universal so that you do not have to face any problem for any age group.
  • SanaGloss ceramic surface – This is used for its protection from debris and when it gets less debris then turns out that this toilet does not require that much water for cleaning up. It is of great interest that the toilet comes up with a two-piece design with its high-profile tank and not to mention that the elongated shape adds extra room in its design.


You must be thinking that what could be the obvious advantages that you are going to get in this TOTO toilet. Well, there are few very generic one and then there are also specific things that you will only find out in this model by TOTO. Here are a few of the positive aspects of the toilet.

  • No clogging – There has been a concern about these toilets that they get clogged quite easily but this is not the case here. With its double cyclone flushing technology, you will have the best clog-free toilet and customers’ feedback has been overwhelming regarding this as they mention the perfect efficiency of the flush system.
  • Easy operation – To make sure that all age groups people could easily operate this toilet, the operation has been made as simple as possible. This vespine toilet can be used by a child quite easily too, due to its easy operation.


This is hard to even point out a single thing that goes against the purchase of this toilet. However, to the least, it can be said that you should keep the dimensions of your bathroom in your mind before buying this one as it comes up with an elongated shape and takes more space than the round one.

Interestingly, customer feedback of this TOTO toilet has been positive and it shows the credibility of the brand and the product itself.


With all these things in mind, you will be better prepared to take this decision and it is kind of easy too, as there is no strong competition given to this TOTO Vespin II model, provided the price and qualities at the same time.


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