Toto Ultramax II One Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet MS604114CEF Review

Toto Ultramax II Toilet ReviewTop brands have been producing toilets with some unique ideas and innovative designs, all know that space is considered as a scarce source when it comes to bathroom. That is the reason why they have made one-piece toilet with some optimized dimensions so that you do not need to worry about its installation place.

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In this regard, TOTO has got the market share right intact since its entry and it could not have been possible that you would not find a one-piece TOTO toilet. If you are a buyer of TOTO before you must be aware of the fact that some of the common features are shared by all TOTO toilets. These features include powerful flush system and the toilet TOTO Ultramax which you are going to read a review about has got state-of-the-art flush system.

You will see that quality of the material used in the making of bowl and tank are of high quality. That is the reason of its being durable. Right now we have got you one of the best TOTO toilet and this has to offer you some amazing TOTO features with longer lifetime.


If you want to enjoy some of the amazing features of TOTO brand then this is the one for you. The TOTO Ultra Max II one-piece toilet and you can choose out of many colors available, according to your bathroom. First and foremost significant feature of this toilet is its flushing system. It is highly sophisticated TOTO tornado flush system and it has got some got efficiency with just 1.28 gallon of water per flush. Not only that it is powerful yet you will not hear much noise. TOTO toilets are famous for their great finishes and this is true with this one too as it has to offer the CEFIONTECT glaze. This glaze not only makes it look good but also prevents any sort of particle adhering.

Some people are highly concerned about the height of toilet and righty so because of the fact that most of the toilets are too low to sit. This one has to provide you a universal height toilet seat and it can easily be used by people from all age groups. The material used in the manufacturing of this toilet is of high quality as TOTO has been producing quality material toilets. As far as different compliances and certifications are concerned, this toilet has to offer more than any other toilet in this too. Its certification ranges from ADA, watersense, CalGreen, and CEC compliance. You must know prior to buying the toilet that it is provided with a softclose seat.


You will see in this section some of the advantages offered by this toilet and like most of other TOTO toilets, this is also going to have some common features to start with.

  • As it is a one-piece toilet so it could be a good option for small spaces. This toilet is elongated in shape but it is designed in such a way to make sure that it is adjusted in small spaces quite easily.
  • If you are always running away from frequent cleaning of your toilet then you should buy this model. It does not need time to time cleaning and this is just because of the perfect design with some great finish to prevent particles.
  • There is one-year warranty of this toilet and you need to understand that it is way more than enough. You would not need it in most of the cases but still it may come handy at times.


You need to be very unfortunate to find out something bad in overall design and features of this toilet. We will see if there is any drawback or a concern reported.

  • The only concern that could get make you bit worried is its installation process. It is not as simple as it may look right after unpacking it. Definitely, you need some sort of professional plumbing so you could fix this thing in your bathroom without any damages.
  • There has been a concern over its clogging problem. It could be critical as it will affect the overall flushing system. Out of many customers, few have registered their complains regarding this matter.


The Ultramax TOTO toilet is truly one of the best and you will have a great customer care service of this brand too. This review will help you in drawing fair comparison between toilets of other brands with such features, a difficult thing to ask.


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