Toto Eco Ultramax Review

Product Overview

Toto Eco UltramaxTOTO has been producing some of the quality toilets and this one is specially designed for making our environment safe. The TOTO Eco Ultramax ADA elongated one piece toilet with Sana gloss, in cotton white color, should be in your priority list.

The good news from here is that the price on this model has been revised and it is available right now at much cheaper rates. That must have been the reason behind its becoming Amazon’s choice. The central idea of this model by TOTO revolves around the eco-friendly model which saves lots of water wastage. Therefore, it has decreased water consumption down to 1.28 GPF. That is how you will be playing your role in conserving the overall eco-system of this world by consuming less water.

Some good additions in its design are further discussed in the subsequent section as its tramway has been computer designed and that is where it gets the sleek design from. Here, we have managed to briefly give you a summary of this amazing product by TOTO. Keep reading to know more.


This is without any shred of doubt that many toilet companies are giving tough competition to Kohler and TOTO is one of them if compared based on their features. This model by TOTO has to offer not only a reasonably priced toilet but it is also considered Amazon’s choice. Some of the best features are mentioned hereunder so that you may know clearly what you are going to buy.

  • Powerful flushing system – It is probably the most sophisticated part of any toilet and this is where the customers are putting their money. You do not need to worry at all as the flush system of the toilet is powered by E-max flushing which not only guarantees efficient flushing but also makes sure the minimum water consumption. A total of 1.28 gallons per flush water is spent and that is up to the standards set by leading brands.
  • Unique trapway – This is something pretty much extra-ordinary that this model of toilet gets a glazed trapway and it is all due to the computer-generated design. To be precise, this trapway is about 2-1/8 inch and all credits for its design go to the sophisticated computer software design.
  • Comfortable dimensions – It has been observed in plenty of customers that they are over concerned regarding the size of the toilet and if you are one of them then this toilet is good for you. With all its added room and comfort, you are going to get an experience of your lifetime. As far as the length is concerned, it is about 28-inch with a bowl rim height of 16-1/2 inch. The height of the seat is another crucial thing as this model offers a 17-inch high seat. It is to be remembered that this toilet has got elongated shape which helps in providing extra room in there.


It is a common perception that other brands that have been producing toilet products are not as worthy as Kohler or some other leading brands but this TOTO has produced some of the quality products, lately. Here are some of the positive aspects of this model.

  • ADA Height – there is no denying the fact that the height of the toilet is as crucial as its flushing system, design or material used in its making. Not only that you will love the height of this toilet but good thing is that it is good for all age groups, especially for old age people.
  • Efficient flushing system – To make sure that the flushing system of the toilet is efficient, it must be noiseless as well. Here in this model by TOTO, you will get to see an efficient toilet with a noise-free operation.
  • Quality material – The issue with many toilets is that they are not that resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals used in them. TOTO has come up with a high gloss polypropylene material which guarantees not only the cleaning but also resistant to chemical effects.


There is only concern about its water toilet if it is placed behind the toilet as it does not get fixed quite easily. Similarly, there have been occasional complaints about its hard surface around the sitting area which may offend some of the customers.


Having read this review, you must have got a clear and precise idea of how well this toilet is designed right from the idea to execution. This is highly recommended from our side as it gives from quality material to environment-friendly operation.


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