Toto Drake Toilet Review

Toto Drake Toilet ReviewThis is highly unlikely that you have not heard the name of TOTO brand before. This is truly one of the best toilet brands in the world market standing along Kohler and American Standard. TOTO has been producing some quality toilets and it is because of its maintaining the reputation.

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Some very basic features of any toilet that you will find from TOTO are such as its vitreous china material, comfortable height and the most important one its high quality flushing system. TOTO brand has got a huge market share since its beginning and it is competing with some of the large brands mentioned earlier. This is our responsibility to bring out the best TOTO toilet model and nothing could be better than TOTO Drake toilet. This toilet has got some the most common features presented by TOTO along with some unique features too. You will come across all its features and to make things easy for you, this article also contains pros and cons. You need to read this review to better understand the toilet model you need in your bathroom right now.


At first sight you will have an impression of conventional sort of toilet with simple design but you will only get to know its true efficiency once you start using it. This is a TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank toilet which is available in multiple colors. As it is mentioned that this is a two-piece toilet and with a conventional two-piece toilet design this is surely going to have bit more space in your bathroom.

The design of this toilet is high profile and it has got its own advantages too. Flushing system for any toilet is the backbone and if you have a bad flushing system with a good toilet design then it is of no use literally. It is equipped with G-Max flushing system that has to offer you powerful yet quiet operation. This is purely a commercial grade flushing performance which you might not see in some of the older models of TOTO as well.
In order to make this flush super-fast it has been designed with wide 3-inch flush valve and that makes water flow at higher speed as compared to the conventional 2-inch flush valve. Another great and hugely appreciated feature of this toilet is its nicely designed fully glazed trap way. This design consideration also makes things easy for cleaning aspect. It does not come up with a toilet seat and you have to buy it separately. Vitreous china has been used in its making and it is highly durable.


There are some obvious advantages that you get with this TOTO Drake toilet and it is because of highly sophisticated design. Here is the list of some of the hidden good things you get in this toilet.

  • First of all it has got WaterSense certification and this is because of consuming less water. This toilet just uses 1.6 gallon per flush and that is up to the standards of the current market.
  • This toilet is power flush toilet and that makes it uniquely different from other gravity assisted toilets. The benefit associated with power flush toilet is that it is highly efficient and this sort of efficiency cannot be achieved using gravity associated toilets. You just need a corded power electric source and it is quite easy to operate.
  • Installation process could really be hectic but it has been made easy for you. You just need to make sure that basic plumbing is done right and you will have no further problems for sure.
  • It has got a SanaGloss finish which makes sure that it remains as new and gives you shinning surface all the time and highly durable.


Things are pretty much good in this toilet but still you need to see if something is bad based on customer’s feedback.

  • The only concern has been shown about its slope ridge which could be the reason of gathering some stuff that should be thrown away. It may need time to time cleaning and that could make your life bit untidy.


It is of no doubt that your investment on TOTO Drake is not going to waste. This is some high quality stuff with state-of-the-art features never presented before. This toilet is durable with some good material in use, a nice choice indeed.


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