Niagara Stealth Toilet Review

Niagara Stealth Toilet ReviewOne of the side effects of consumerism is that it forces you to buy from top toilet brands of the world. There is nothing bad in going for the top brand and this is also the case for toilet products too. The problem is when you start overlooking some of the inexpensive brands that produce equal or more quality products at the same amount.

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Niagara toilet brand is one of the highly competitive toilet brands and it has got all the reasons to be considered by you for next toilet. The thing that brings a lot of admiration from customers is the low consumption of water and this has been literally the key factor for Niagara. In this review, you are going to read one of the best products by Niagara i.e. Niagara stealth toilet. Its features range from low consumption of water to quality hygienic surface finish. You should give it a read as pros and cons sections are covered with the features too.


Few of the brands that may be overlooked by customers, have something great to offer under minimal budget. Niagara is one of such brands for producing some quality toilets. This is a two piece Niagara stealth toilet and it has got some features that will leave in awe.

It is a two-piece toilet so you need to bear in mind that it has to cover some space of your bathroom for sure. The toilet comes up with an elongated shape which is good for the comfort you have been looking for. One thing that you should know prior to buying this toilet that it is free of fabrics and that adds to its overall quality. The flush system is one of the most discussed feature for any toilet and so is the case here. With gravity assist flush system, this toilet is manufactured to give you a powerful yet an efficient toilet which saves water consumption. It just makes use of 0.8 gallon per flush of water. You will never be able to that much low water consumption in any of other toilets out there with such quality.

Surface of the toilet is an important thing, not only for the decorative purpose but also for your personal hygiene. Good feature of this toilet is that you will be enjoying hygienic surface treatment and it is uniquely done on its surface. Making of the body of toilet is done with vitreous china material which is good for durability. This is a floor-mounted toilet with 12 inch rough-in. As far as the compliances are concerned, it has got ADA compliance along with EPA WaterSense certification too. All these features must compel you to buy this great model from Niagara.


You will see in this section that brands like Niagara that are not much famous, have to offer you sometimes a better solution than top brands. Some of the advantages of buying Niagara Stealth are as under.

  • This is most likely the toilet which uses less water. Water consumption of this toilet does not go beyond 0.8 gallon per flush. If you care about the environment then this should be your top priority to use less water.
  • Another thing that should be appreciated about this toilet is its quiet flush system. You will not be able to find such a nice and noise free toilet flush for sure even in top branded toilets.
  • One of the good things about any toilet is that it should contain less movable parts inside it. Fortunately, you will not have so many moving parts in this toilet and that will ensure its durability for the parts.


Customer response of this toilet is quite overwhelming and filled with appreciations. This is our duty to point out even minute thing that could be inconvenient after buying.

  • The only concern that you may have, is the height of the toilet (see the comfort height toilets here). It could be bit high for most of the people but if height of your family is good enough then it will not matter for sure.
  • It is a general concern that you might need a second flush as well but it is not the case mostly. If you face this problem then you should feel free to contact its customer care center to seek any solution.


You should take into account money vs. quality features and then you will have the big picture. This is truly the best choice to start with if your budget is low and you want all good features in your next toilet.


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