Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review

Product Overview

Kohler Memoirs ToiletThe name of the quality, the Kohler has been producing some high-quality stuff since its inception. The Kohler K-3817-0 Memoirs stately toilet has to offer more than you could ask for.

Kohler Memoirs Toilet is purely one of the best designs produced by Kohler and no doubt with its extra efficient flushing system, this is going to give the experience of your lifetime. This toilet may be viewed as a combination of innovative and traditional sort of Kohler toilet. This has been the reason that it fits most of the people looking for some good design with the latest features in place.

Here in this review, we have arranged a brief feature overview, where you will be able to find out its cutting-edge features. Not only this but the list of pros and cons is also included to ensure that you do not get disappointed later on.


Kohler has maintained its quality in this product by having several great features. First of all, this is a two-piece toilet and to increase your range of choice, this product is available in so many different colors as well.
The shape of the toilet is designed as an elongated one. There are quite important aspects of being an elongated toilet such as it adds the extra room and thereby the comfort level is increased. One of the amazing and most anticipated features of this toilet is that it offers you comfort height seating which makes life easier for aged people.

As far as the flush system of the toilet is concerned, it has got AquaPiston flush technology. With this flushing system, you will not only be able to save water but also see an increase in overall efficiency. The water consumption per flush of the toilet is around 1.28 GPF which is quite up to the standards and helps in preserving the eco-system of this world.

You will not get the supply line and seat along with the package. There are a couple of combinations available like different models of bowl and tanks may be chosen amongst multiple of them. Another important feature of this toilet is that it gives you the left-hand trip lever that makes the operation far easier.

The design of the toilet is made according to the standard ergonomics while keeping it compatible with the traditional look. Such design not only looks good but it also helps in giving the perfect cleaning which all of you want from your toilets.

With all these features included in this model by Kohler, you must be wondering it would be an expensive one but that is not the case though. It is available at quite a reasonable price, totally worth it.


There is no denying of the fact that this toilet model of Kohler comes up with advantages mainly. Some of those positive aspects of the toilet are mentioned hereunder.

  • Warranty – Most of the customers are always worried about the reliability of their brand new toilet and that is sort of justified too, but here in this model you will have a limited one-year warranty. This warranty is a standard one and hopefully you will not have to use it.
  • Certification – It is most unlikely that many toilets have got this WaterSense certification but this is not the case here. Most of the Kohler toilets have to offer this WaterSense certification and this has also been the case here.
  • Flush Type – It falls under the category of water-saving toilets and this is because of its highly efficient flushing system. This model does not help to save water from your tank but also plays an important role in preserving the overall eco-system.


You do not get to see that many cons in such a high-quality toilet model so is the case here with this one. The only thing that has worried a few customers is that the tank of the toilet does not get filled instantly. This is not that much a serious concern but if you are concerned about this issue then you should bear this in your mind though.


It is that type of model which has performed well since it has arrived in the market. Without a shred of doubt, this is highly recommended from our side.


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