Kohler Highline Toilet Review

Product Overview

Kohler Highline ToiletWell, Kohler Highline Toilet has maintained its footprint in this century too, with all its high-quality toilets. It is not only the production of quality toilets but also the customer care services which is up to the mark, as far as this brand is concerned.

This is again one of the best by Kohler, the Kohler K-3713-96 Highline Classic toilet with all its defining features. The great thing about this toilet is that while keeping the quality of the toilet it has not raised its price. That is the reason why it becomes an obvious choice for many buyers.

In this article, you will find out that there are plenty of advantages you are going to enjoy with this toilet. With multiple color availability, you can choose the best one for you.


If you are considering this Highline toilet by Kohler then you must be a classical toilet lover. The Kohler Highline classic comes up with some of the great features only owned by Kohler and it has also maintained the same level of quality too.

First of all, this toilet is intended to provide a comfortable height which is good for any elder living in your home. You should bear this in your mind that it is a two-piece toilet that requires separate installation of flush and tank. In any toilet, flushing system plays a vital role in its efficiency and cleanliness. To your surprise, this Kohler classical model is equipped with a class five (R) flushing technology. This does the number of things, such as maintains bulk waste flushing and there is no compromise on the cleanliness of the toilet.

The design and shape of the toilet sometimes become quite crucial too. Here, you will see an elongated toilet that allows some extra room in it and not to forget that it is available in multiple colors. For all the people worrying about the installation part, it is made not only simpler but also less time-consuming. This is a 10 inches rough-in toilet and that is the reason why it comes under the standard category of rough-in toilets.

Not only that it has got the best flushing technology in place but with the addition of canister flush valve, it ensures that you have a smooth flush every time. Water consumption does not even vary throughout the time, again courtesy to its highly efficient flushing system.

Overall, all these features from flushing technology to its design and the comfort height add up and make it one of the most demanding classical toilets by Kohler.


If you are not a regular customer of Kohler or maybe purchasing for the first time then you must be unaware of the fact that Kohler has a plethora of advantages with very few drawbacks. Here, we are going to see what sort of positives you will get in this specific classical product by Kohler.

  • No clogging – This is by far the most certain sort of problem faced by many customers but not here though. Due to its highly efficient canister flush valve, you will be able to remove any type of clogging while keeping the water consumption as low as possible.
  • Material – It is made up of vitreous china material and this has almost become a benchmark for making quality toilets, lately. That is the sole reason behind its durability.
  • Watersense certification – Well most of the toilets by Kohler have this certificate but you should see it as a plus point.
  • Warranty – Without a warranty, customers do not tend to trust the manufacturer and this also keeps in check the quality of the product. You will receive a one-year limited warranty with this Kohler toilet.


We do not get to see too many cons when it comes to the Kohler product and so is the case here. It is just about space it covers because of the elongated shape and two-piece toilet. You cannot place this toilet in smaller spaces. You should keep the dimensions of your potential bathroom in your mind before buying this one.


You must compare all sorts of different toilets that fit your requirements and make a decision wisely.


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