How to Fix a Leaking Toilet

There is nothing more worrisome than a leaking toilet in your bathroom. The problem gets even bad to worse, when you do not really know how to fix it. Right now, you are going to learn some of the very basic tricks of fixing your leaking toilet.

  • It is better to have every important thing under your sleeve when you aim to open up the toilet and fix it. These things may include plastic toilet shims, silicon tube and it should be of the same color. A wax ring and water closet bolts are also necessary and may come handy.
  • First of all, you need to shut off the water supply before you can start uprooting the toilet. The bad thing about opening up the toilet is that you may need to face some hardened nuts and for that you might have to use full force.
  • You need to have a good look at water tank and if there is any sort of water level rising up, it means that the problem lies in either the float or the inlet valve on the ballcock. First of all you must flush the toilet and then lift the rod which holds the float. You should see if water stops. If it does then it is the indication of that leakage is caused by the float.
  • Float can easily be adjusted as all you need is a screw to adjust the level of the float. If the problem persists then it means you have a problem in float itself. The float should be replaced then and it does not even that much too.
  • A toilet leakage may also cause due to the bad flange and in order to get there, you will have little work to do for sure. First of all, you should clean up the toilet horn and toilet flange because you might a lot of debris underneath your seat. If you see the broken flange then you will have to replace it. Replacing mechanism for toilet flange is not that much difficult. After cleaning up the intended area, you will have to mark the places for screws on the floor. You need to lookup that which sort of toilet flange is suitable for your toilet. There is a difference like concrete flange and stainless steel flange, all depends on the type of toilet.
  • Some of the obvious sources of leakages could be in the flapper. In order to check whether it is because of the flapper, you need to shut down the water supply and check out the tank, if the water level drops to an appreciable amount, you have a problematic flapper.
  • To replace the flapper, you will have to flush the toilet first and clean flapper seat with piece of a cloth. Inspect the flapper and see if there is any crack or tearing up of the flapper.
  • If flapper is in a bad shape then you have to replace it with a new one. With all necessary accessories in your hand, it will be an easy thing to do.
  • Bottom of the toilet and you can call it the drain, is an important of the toilet. Wax ring is responsible for sealing the bottom of the toilet to the drain. If you see that, there is a leakage underneath the toilet, then you might in need of new wax ring.
  • If the toilet is two-piece, which is most of the cases, then you also need to check the connection between bowl and the tank. Gasket connects tank and the bowl, it takes less time to get this thing done.
  • This is again for the two-piece toilet, where there is a tank. In order to keep the tank in check, there is an overflow tube, that has to prevent any sort of overflowing from the tank. You get to bend the arm of float ball down or you can either lower the float cup too.
  • One of the most important parts of the toilet is its chain. You can see it after opening up the flapper and see if there is any leakage. If you find out any leakage then it could be the reason of long or short chain, which might be making problems for the flapper closing.
  • Float cup is another part of the toilet which needs checking time to time. If you ever need to change that old ball cock flush system then there is availability of plastic replacement, which comes in a complete package. This can provide you an easy fix.
  • Ball cock may be one of the reasons for appreciable leakages. This is actually the on/off valve regulator controlled by float ball. It has to fill the tank and bowl after flush.


The most significant thing you need to remember if you really want to fix toilet leakages, that you have to inspect the toilet first wisely. Toilet leakage can be due to several reasons and if you are unable to figure this out initially, then you will be in big trouble. Second most important thing is your accessories that you have to being along with you, so that you could open up or dismantle the toilet. Few parts of the toilet require time to time replacement and you should have complete backup of such parts so that you could replace easily, when things go wrong.


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