7 High End Toilet Reviews

If you are making a new bathroom or just want to change a toilet in the old one but you want to replace it with a high end toilet then you will not be disappointed by some of the great brands producing high quality, expensive toilets.

Whether be it TOTO or Kohler, they have got some highly expensive and quality bidet toilet seats with so many features and of course comfort level is quite high too. In this review, you will be reading about some of the best quality toilets and with some amazing and innovative designs. The general range of these toilets lies in between $2000 to 1000$.

High End Toilet Reviews


Best High End Toilet ReviewsThe TOTO washlet+Carlyle II one-piece, high-end toilet and you will have so many great features in this too. The whole structure of this toilet is composed of three things, bidet seat and the toilet along with washlet and good thing is that water supply, power cord will not be shown.

This toilet makes use of premist, which allows it to clean right after and before the bowl usage, this keeps it clean. You will be able to have 5 different water temperature and pressure controls with this. There are rear and front warm water wash also included. With heated seat and warm air dryer and not to forget it has got tornedo flush system by TOTO, a good choice indeed with that many features.

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Best High End Toilet ReviewsIf you are looking for some innovation in design then you have come to the right place. This one is the TOTO washlet+Aquia IV two-piece elongated dual flush toilet, available in cotton white color. It is a dual-flush toilet and even in dual flush system, you may choose in between two different size.

The electric bidet seat of this toilet is totally state-of-the-art and user-friendly. There is EWATER+ feature in this toilet, which makes sure there is a cleaning of wand and bowl after every use. Its flush technology is enabled with dynamax tornedo flush technology. You will have rear and front wash with 5 different water pressure and temperature settings. Other features of this toilet include heated seat and air deodorizer too.

Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest

Best High End Toilet ReviewsTOTO has been producing some great designs lately, and it is truly one of them. The TOTO Neorest toilet with its sophisticated design and available in cotton white color. It is powered with double cyclone flushing system and good thing is that you will have a great one-piece skirted design in this toilet.

The shape of the seat is elongated one with its softclose seat included. It is best in efficiency as far as water consumption is concerned. With hands-free automatic flush and temperature control, this toilet is also going to provide you with aerated water spray of oscillating and pulsating features. This whole toilet is a trade marl of TOTO with its great quality.

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KOHLER Veil Skirted

Best High End Toilet ReviewsThe Kohler veil skirted one-piece smart, dual flush toilet in white color and it is manufactured with high quality vitreous china. This is a one-piece elongated bowl toilet and it has got its very own cleansing mechanism.
With its dual-flush feature, you will be able to have either 1.28 gallon per flush or 0.8 gallon per flush.

There is a direct water supply to this toilet. If you use this toilet in night, then you will be having illuminated LEDs all around. You must be thinking about its automatic features. You can easily control water temperature and pressure along with adjustable spray shape too. Not only this but there is a warm air dryer and heated seat provided as well. You will control all these features with a remote in English language.

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WoodBridge Luxury Bidet

Best High End Toilet ReviewsWoodBridge is another high-quality toilet brand and it has been producing for a long time. This is one of the toilets by WoodBridge, the T-0008 luxury bidet toilet and it is elongated, one piece toilet. First of all the design of this bidet toilet is good enough as it is low profile skirted with comfort height.

There are different modes of wash provide, you will find out the feminine wash, pulsating wash and good thing is that you can also adjust the water pressure. With this bidet toilet, you do not need to worry about continuous supply of warm water ad there is a water heater and warm air dryer included too. This is purely a smart bidet toilet with on/off sensor and self-cleaning nozzles, it is made up with stainless steel. This one is highly recommended.

Affordable Model By WoodBridge: Woodbridge T 0001

Toto CT992CUMFG#01 Neorest

Best High End Toilet ReviewsThis is one of the best quality TOTO toilet. The TOTO nearest 700H bowl, available in cotton white color and it is bit expensive but justified because of its features. This is the bowl only for the top unit with SanaGloss ceramic glaze.

One thing that you need to bear in mind that it is a 12 inch rough-in bowl. The design is kept in such a way to give you maximum comfort, it has got skirted design and with CeFiONtect ceramic glaze which helps in minimizing the waste. This one is truly ADA compliant and comes up with a universal height.

TOTO MW6042034CUFG#01 WASHLET+ UltraMax II

Best High End Toilet ReviewsTOTO washlet+ultramax II 1G one-piece elongated toilet and washlet C100 bidet seat. Price of this toilet is pretty much low. You will get a misting feature which does cleaning for every use of the bowl.

There is front and rear water wash feature and not only this but you will also get adjustable water temperature too. With the inclusion of softclose heated seat and automatic air deodorizer, you will also be able to save plenty of water because it only consumes 1 gallon per flush.

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As you have seen that there are many common features that you can find amongst the brand, producing high end toilets. One thing which you will see more often that they are all smart toilets and given with remote to control. It is not difficult to operate these toilets and you should not be afraid because of it.


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