5 Best Upflush (Macerating) Toilet Reviews of 2021

The whole concept behind a macerating toilet is to make sure that your drain works absolutely fine. You can upgrade your conventional toilets into macerating one, in some cases by adding a pump. The most important thing for any macerating toilet is its pump, which has the ability to break down the waste and make an easy way out into the drain.

These are upflush toilets and they are called for the reason, as they need to put through the waster into a breaking mechanism. The upflush toilet system is responsible for flushing the waster upward after breaking it down. Right now, you are going to read some of the best upflush macerating toilets and you would notice that pumping feature is added up in the conventional designs. These are some innovatively designed toilets and they are getting popular exponentially amongst the masses.

Upflush (Macerating) Toilet Reviews

Saniflo 023 Sanicompact

Upflush (Macerating) Toilet ReviewsThis has been one of the Amazon’s choice, the Saniflo 023 Sanicompact self-contained toilet, which is available in white color. Before going into its breathtaking features, this toilet is good enough as half bathroom for residential applications.

One of the best thing about macerating toilets is that they are good to pump down everything efficiently. You will be having a vertical pumping of 9-feet and a horizontal one up to 100-feet. As far as water consumption of this toilet is concerned, it can be connected to a sink and uses less amount of water. To be exact, you will be using one gallon per flush, this should really help out in building your contribution to the world environment. The design of the toilet just looks better than the conventional ones and it is also included with the chrome hinges. If you calculate the bowl height without seat, it goes around 18.5 inches, which is pretty comfortable.

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Saniflo Saniaccess 2 upflush

Upflush (Macerating) Toilet ReviewsThis is yet another high quality macerator toilet, the SanifloSaniaccess 2 upflush and it can be regarded as a two-piece toilet, includes tank and a bowl. The shape of the bowl is round one and this is where you will save bit of space in your bathroom.

This toilet is equipped with a half horsepower pump system and it is quite powerful enough to give you best services, unprecedented to all your macerator toilets. With this much powerful pump, you will be able to establish a half-bathroom, right down below, up to 15 feet to that sewer line. This could also go away 150 feet away if you want to horizontally. You do not need to worry about its efficiency as a macerator toilet, it can handle all the trash including toilet paper, which makes it a good residential toilet. The quality of material used in the making of this toilet does not need any sort of replacement or maintenance and that is just another positive to consider this thing.

Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating

Upflush (Macerating) Toilet ReviewsThe SanifloSaniplus macerating upflush toilet, with all the features, you have been looking for a long time. First of all, it comes with a standard bowl and it has made pumping a lot easier. The huger advantage with this upflush toilet is that you can install it literally everywhere, without needing to break the floor.

You will be given a complete kit, which includes macerating pump along with a standard bowl and not to mention the tank. There is other things available as well, such as elongated bowl and the extension pipe, on your demand. There is nothing charged for its shipping and good thing about this product is that, it comes in a nicely wrapped cover. A highly recommended model and a good choice.

Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW

Upflush (Macerating) Toilet ReviewsThis is one of the best macerator toilets and you will see that, it offers quite unique features too. The Liberty pumps ASCENTII-ESW macerating toilet. The most important aspect of any macerator toilet is its ability to perform maceration efficiently. This toilet has got some unique technology in placed to give you better performance. With advanced razorcut technology, this toilet is able to break down the waste quite efficiently.

There is another great thing about this toilet, that is its design. You will have a complete access to the cutter area without damaging any sort of plumbing and this is due to the fact that it gives quick access to the cutter area. Another good thing is that you do not have to buy a seat separately as it is given with the package. This is really a good choice with some elegant design and features.

Saniflo Saniaccess 3 upflush

Upflush (Macerating) Toilet ReviewsThis one is the SanifloSaniaccess 3 upflush macerator pump plus toilet kit and it has got white finish. You will have a complete set of a kit with this as it includes tank and an elongated bowl. The overall design is somewhat conventional and you will love its quality with some great finish.

For any macerator toilet, the most important thing is its pumps’ ability to handle the waste for longer distances. As far as this toilet is concerned, you will have 15 feet vertical and 150 feet horizontal support with the pump. Access 3 feature of this toilet describes its capability of accepting a shower or tub and you all need is just to have an extension pipe. You can put the pump behind the wall too. This is not ADA compliant and you will get a warranty of some good period of time, you can read its full description of warranty at its website.


You need to understand that prior to buying any of the macerating or upflush toilet, you must check out the dimensions of your bathroom. It has got some additional parts which you will not see in any other conventional toilet, that is the reason why you should be extra cautious in handling the dimensions in this case.


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