7 Best Toto Toilet Reviews of 2021

Very few brands make it to the world market and TOTO is surely one of them with quality toilet products. The trademark of TOTO has always been its innovation in design while cutting the overall budget. You will see every sort of feature which you think of in TOTO toilets.

Without any second thought this is the best quality toilet brand all over the world. The reason being its high quality products. In order to maintain quality this brand costs bit higher than rest of the others. It lies in the category of luxury toilet which is why you will have to spend some extra money. There is one thing guaranteed that you will be free from all worries once you buy Toto toilet as it is made to give you quality services.

Right now you are going to read some of the best TOTO toilets and that will surely help you out in hunting your next toilet.

Toto Toilet Reviews

TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake

Best Toto Toilets ReviewsThis is one of the conventional sort of toilets by TOTO. The TOTO drake two-piece ADA toilet with different colors available too. The flushing system of this toilet is powered by G-Max flushing system and that makes sure you do not consume more than 1.6 gallon per flush. Bowl is elongated in shape and you will have to adjust it in a bit more space. It is a two-piece toilet so you will be having a high-profile tank and bowl. As far as height is concerned, it is of universal height toilet. Made up of vitreous china material and installation is quite easy as it is 12 in rough-in.

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Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II

Best Toto Toilets ReviewsWell you may like to have a one-piece toilet with all the great features by TOTO in TOTO ultramax II one-piece toilet and it is available in multiple colors. Flushing system plays a huge role not only for water consumption but also for efficiency and for your convenience this toilet has got powerful TOTO tornado flush system. It only makes use of 1.28 gallon per flush and this is where it saves a lot of water. Quality of the bowl ensures that it is ever shinning with its CEFIONTECT glaze that gives lubricious quality.

With its universal height feature it is probably the most comfortable height feature currently used in the market. There is an advantage of its being ADA, Watersense, CALGreen and CEC compliant.

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Toto CST474CEFGNo.01 Vespin II

Best Toto Toilets ReviewsThe TOTO vespin II two-piece high efficiency toilet and it is only available in white cotton color. You will not have to worry about its powerful double cyclone flushing system, that makes sure it uses only 1.28 gallon per flush.
The overall skirted design and universal height, make things easy for cleaning and comfortable seating. It needs very less amount of chemicals to clean up as it is made up of SanaGloss ceramic glaze that keeps it shinning too. This toilet is 12 inch rough-in and you will not have to worry about its durability, a god choice indeed.

TOTO MS964214CEFG#01 Eco Soiree

This is yet another very high quality toilet produced by TOTO. The TOTO Eco soiree one-piece toilet with all of its features enabled by TOTO. There is nothing to worry about its flushing system as it is not only effective but also consumes less amount of water courtesy to its double cyclone flushing system. Softclose seat is include in the package and you will have elongated bowl. Due to elongated bowl, it covers bit more space in your bathroom but makes it a comfortable seating too. Chrome trip lever is also there and the dimensions of the toilet are quite optimal too.

Toto MS970CEMFG#01

If you want to try state-of-the-art TOTO toilet then there could probably be nothing better than this one. The TOTO washlet wit integrated toilet G500, cotton white color. This can be regarded as the smart toilet with adjustable temperature and pressure controls. Not only that but it also provides front and rear warm water washing. As far as flushing system is concerned, it is a dual-flush toilet with dual-max flushing system through which you will be able to have either 1.28 gallon per flush or 0.9 gallon per flush. There is a remote control and all you need to do is to give instruction through touch screen.

TOTO MS864114#12 Supreme

TOTO supreme one-piece toilet is another addition in its one-piece toilet fleet. Good thing is that it is available in two different shapes elongated and round. You do not have to worry about its quality as it is made in USA and all quality standards have been followed. You always look for powerful yet noise free flushing system and for your surprise this is the best feature of this toilet. It has the power gravity flush, not only efficient but also very quiet. Dimensions of the toilet are according to standards and you will not face any problem installing this thing. Last but not the least, it is available in two different colors.

Toto CST412MF#03 Plumbing

Dual-flush systems are something new to the market and how it is possible that TOTO lacks behind to introduce any new feature in its toilets. The TOTO Aquia dual flush two-piece toilet is here to serve the purpose of durability, water conservation and quality. With its dual-max flushing system, you can choose between 1.6 or 0.9 gallon per flush as per your requirements. The shape of the bowl is elongated with universal height, making it far more comfortable. There is a chrome push button for your convenience. Good thing about this toilet is that you will have both 10 inch or 12 inch rough-in available. A good choice for sure.


You must have realized by now that TOTO is a brand of innovative designs. This is due to the fact that it always carries the tradition of introducing smart features for it customers.


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