5 Best Toto Toilet Seat Reviews

TOTO has had a huge market share since its inception. It is highly unlikely here that you will not get a bidet toilet seat by TOTO. There is something quite unique in TOTO bidet toilet seats and it is the features that you will find common in its products along with its quality.

Bidet toilet seats by TOTO are small washlet with some of the smartest features and technologies in placed. You will be having a complete automated system right under your sleeve. Staring from adjusting the temperature and pressure of the water to the heated seat. Right now, you are going to read five best TOTO bidet toilet seats. You will be convinced to buy one of the bidet toilet seats after reading some of its amazing features under minimum budget.

Toto Toilet Seat Reviews

TOTO SW2034#01 C100 WASHLET Electronic

Best Toto Toilet Seat ReviewsYou cannot just ask better than this, the TOTO C100 washlet electronic bidet toilet seat with elongated design and available in cotton white color. It makes use of premist technique, which makes sure that the seat cleans the bowl right after every use. This has to be one of the smartest toilet seats of all time, as you will be able to control pressure and temperature of the water, along with rear and front water supply.

Not to forget its self-cleaning wand, the wand which is designed to automatically clean itself after and before every use. You might be wondering what other features this toilet seat offers. The list goes on with the heated seat and you cannot ignore warm air dryer. Automatic air deodorizer is also provided with this. This is a complete package and you do not need to worry about any extra accessories as mounting and hardware connection are included too.

TOTO SW3036#01 K300 WASHLET Electronic

Best Toto Toilet Seat ReviewsTOTO has been producing some of the quality toilet seats and this is one of them. The TOTO K300 washlet electronic bidet toilet seat with all of its great features by TOTO. It is available in two different colors and it is bit expensive but with all the features, quite justified.

You will be having rear and front water cleanse and there is a range of five different water temperature and pressure setting, you can choose from. This is of course a tankless thing and this is the reason why you would never run out of warm water. Premist takes place as the bowl is cleaned right before every use. You will get the luxury of heated seat in this toilet seat and there is a warm air dryer included too. Not to forget that with self-cleaning wand which is programmed to clean itself right after every single use.

TOTO SW2044#01 C200 WASHLET Electronic

Best Toto Toilet Seat ReviewsThis has been Amazon’s choice and for the right reasons. This one is the TOTO C200 washlet electronic bidet toilet seat with things like premist and the soft close lid. The shape of the bidet is available in both elongated or round.

In order to prevent any sort of waste from gathering, there is a misting of toilet bowl performed before and after the use. This is designed on the basis of providing you cleanest toilet seat available right now. To make sure there is a self-cleaning wand, which does self-cleaning of inside and outside before the use. There are some features in this toilet bidet that could give you an immense comfort. Things like heated heat, warm air dryer and not to forget the air deodorizer, to give you an added comfort. With front and rear cleanse available, this one should be in you priority list for sure.

TOTO SW2014#01 A100 WASHLET Electronic

Best Toto Toilet Seat ReviewsThe TOTO A100 washlet electronic bidet toilet seat and you would love its price. This toilet seat has been Amazon’s choice and it is available in elongated shape, white cotton color. One thing that makes this toilet seat apart from others is its spray system. It comes up with aerated, warm water and there will be dual action spray with oscillating feature.

There is no difficulty in handling its features as you will be able to control the temperature of the heated seat. Self-cleaning wand is quite popular amongst many TOTO toilet seats and so is the case here, it is provided with self-cleaning wand which cleans inside out after every use. There is a whole arm controller given in this toilet seat which is responsible for providing you user interface so that you could control its features. You should not worry about any hidden expenditures as, mounting and connection hardware are included in the package.

TOTO SW3056#01 S550e WASHLET Electronic

Best Toto Toilet Seat ReviewsIf you want to spend lavishly on your next toilet seat then this is the one for you. The TOTO S550e washlet electronic bidet toilet seat with EWATER+ and it comes with some unique styles. Not only that you will get choice of color in this toilet seat but you will be able to select from classic or contemporary style as well. There is an inclusion of front and rear water cleanse in this toilet seat along with five different water temperature adjustments.

You must be wondering why you should spend that much money on this TOTO model, the reason being, it is powered with EWATER+ which is responsible for cleaning the toilet and the wand before or after every use. You will be running with warm water as there is no tank placed in it. Features like auto open and close lid and seat make it a perfect choice for people who want something different.


You must have understood by now that these bidet toilet seats are bit expensive. The reason is of course the luxury these bidet toilet seats bring in. TOTO is without any doubt going to give you some of the best quality bidets out there in the market.


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