7 Best Tankless Toilet Reviews of 2021

Everchanging design of toilets demands special attention to their benefits and drawbacks too if there exists any. Tankless toilets are taking over the households and it is because of number of reasons. First of all, tankless toilets do not cover lots of space in your bathroom. That is the reason why they can easily be installed in small spaces and some can be carried out for recreational activities too.

Other big reason for tankless toilets is their water conservation capability. You must be wondering how they save water. Well, without a tank they cannot hold water and other thing is that by enabling dual flush system you will be able to use light or heavy flush which will save plenty of water.

Here, you are going to read some of the best tankless toilets and you will be surprised to know how much water you will save with their dual flush system and tankless design.

Tankless Toilets Reviews

Toto CT418FGNo.01 Aquia

Best Tankless Toilets ReviewsTOTO Aquia wall hung dual flush toilet is surely going to give you best ever experience with tankless toilet. First of all, talk about its dual flush system which is not only efficient in its operation but also uses less water, 1.6 gallon per flush to be exact. One more great thing about this toilet is that Sanagloss ceramic glaze keeps away any sort of debris which helps in low water consumption and less chemical usage while cleaning. Height is another critical aspect for any toilet and so is the case here. You will have universal height in this toilet. Like other good things, this toilet can also be coupled with other TOTO in-wall toilets.

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Saniflo 023 Sanicompact

Best Tankless Toilets ReviewsOne of the Amazon’s choice and good quality tankless toilet, the Saniflo 023 sanicompact self-contained toilet in white color. You would love the quality of this toilet and this is specially made for residential applications.

With vertical pumping up to 9 feet and not only that but you will get horizontal pumping up to 100 feet. This is probably one of the few toilets out there which uses less amount of water as it also allows connection of a sink. As discussed one gallon water is all you need per flush. Toilet seat is included in this and toilet has a height of 18.5 inch.

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Duravit 25350900922 Toilet

Best Tankless Toilets ReviewsWhenever you go for the tankless toilet then you must think about small toilets with sophisticated design. You will get these things in this toilet, the Duravit toilet wm 545mm D-code white washroom model and this is the US version. One of the fair advantages that you get out of this toilet is its dual flush system. Less amount of water consumption meets all standards set by other toilet brands. Shape of the toilet is elongated one and that adds more space and comfort overall. In order to install this toilet you will have to have in wall tank, carrier and actuator plate and you should know prior to buying that nothing is included in the package.

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Toto CT992CUMFG#01 Neorest

Best Tankless Toilets ReviewsA newly designed tankless toilet by TOTO, the TOTO Neorest 700H bowl available in cotton white color. Price of this toilet is bit high but it is totally justified with the quality and standard it provides. It is manufactured with SanaGloss ceramic glaze and that does not only keep the surface clean but also makes use of less chemical for cleaning. This is a 12 inch rough-in and it has got ADA compliance. Quality of this product by TOTO is good enough to make it one of the best as it remains new for long period of time. Universal height allows easy usage for adults too. Not to forget that this toilet is only to be used with portable water not with recycled water.

KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil Skirted

Best Tankless Toilets ReviewsThe Kohler veil skirted one-piece smart, dual flush toilet with all its amazing features. The material used in the making of this toilet is vitreous china, which makes sure durability. The bowl is elongated and it has got integrated cleansing mechanism too. With dual flush capability you can have either 1.28 gallon perf lush or 0.8 gallon per flush, as it is the tankless one so you will have direct supply. In order to make it a smart toilet, there are LEDs to illuminate the bowl. Not only this but you can also handle its spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature as well. There is a touchscreen LCD remote with this as well in English medium.

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Best Tankless Toilets ReviewsThis is another great tankless toilet, the Woodbridge compact one-piece dual flush toilet with lots of other features. You can adjust different wash modes and water pressure in this toilet with hygienic filtered water supply.
There is automatic flush system which makes flushing hands free. With features like adjustable water temperature, water pressure and heated seat. This is surely going to be one of the comfortable toilets you will ever use. There is a warranty for this toilet as well which is of 2 year limited manufacture warranty.

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Thetford 31667 Aqua-Magic

Best Tankless Toilets ReviewsA tankless toilet, Aqua magic V toilet with hand flush and it gives seat height of 18.5 inch. Not to mention that this is an RV toilet with classical style and can be used for outdoor activities too. With hand flush you will have to press it halfway to get it filled with water. The hand flush system is purely effective and covers the entire bowl. The reason why it can be used for outdoor activities is because it is very light in weight. Installation is also made easy for this toilet as it is totally plastic RV toilet and water consumption can be kept as minimum as possible using hand sprayer fitted in. Highly recommended from our side.


As you have seen, these tankless toilets are not only good enough for conventional bathrooms but also efficient for outdoor activities. Having the best tankless toilet you will be able to save space, water and enjoy with environmental friendly toilet. A good choice indeed.


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