9 Best Portable Camping Toilet Reviews of 2021

Whenever we go outside for camping, boating or any sort of recreational activities then the most common concern is toilet. This is not the problem anymore with portable toilets out there in the market. These toilets are so comfortable that you will not feel like you are outside your home.

Well, like any other thing this is a tedious task to look for the best portable toilet for your outdoor activities. There are different parameters that can be considered in order to see whether a portable toilet is good enough for your needs or not. First of all, the capacity of any portable toilet to carry fresh water and waste water make a huge impact. Imagine you are just going to carry fresh water for once and you cannot fill it to often then you must carry a huge capacity portable toilet.

You are going to read here some of the best portable toilets with brief features.

Portable Camping Toilet Reviews

Camco Portable Travel Toilet

Best Portable Camping Toilet ReviewsYou will surely love this portable toilet, the Camco portable travel toilet which is exclusively designed for camping or outdoor activities. The holding tank with this portable toilet can carry 5.3 gallon of water and you can detach the tank as well. Not only this but there is also a 2.5 gallon flush tank included in the package. Sealing slide valve feature gives it protection against any sort of leakage. The construction of this portable toilet is up to the standards and it will give you long lasting quality services.

Reliance Products Fold-to-Go

Best Portable Camping Toilet ReviewsEvery traveler wants to have a portable toilet in less amount of money and that is exactly fulfills this criterion. The reliance products fold to go collapsible portable toilet and mind you it is one of the Amazon’s choice too. Unlike many other portable toilets this one is really easy to carry as it can be folded into a small space. There is an integrated handle in it and it has got double doodie bag as well. This toilet has 300 pound weight capacity and it is totally compatible with reliance’s standard double doodie bag.

Reliance Products Hassock Portable

Best Portable Camping Toilet ReviewsAnother great product by Reliance, the Hassock portable lightweight self-contained toilet with great features. The most important aspect for any portable toilet is its weight and in this case you will have to carry a very light weight toilet along with you. Seat of this toilet is made very comfortable and it has got inner splash cover and toilet paper holder too. There is a removable inner bucket so that you can dispose waste and not to forget that it is compatible with reliance’s double doodie bag. With five year warranty against defects this is really a good choice for camping or boating.

SereneLife Outdoor Portable

Best Portable Camping Toilet ReviewsThe sereneLife outdoor portable toilet with carry bad and so many other luxuries is available in quite reasonable price. Out of many great features this portable toilet will give you lightweight option with easily adjustable in small spaces. The toilet tank has got enough space to carry 5.3 gallon water and there is another great feature that allows you to see when to fill the tank again. With carrying case included and an easy way to clean it up, this is surely going to be one of your most important traveling partners.

Reliance Products Hunter’s Loo

Best Portable Camping Toilet ReviewsThis one is one of the best portable toilets, the Reliance products Hunter’s Loo portable camouflage toilet with reasonable price. First of all it has got room to carry 5 gallon of water which is sufficient enough as per the standard requirements. The seat of this toilet is traditional one with its cover replaceable. You do not have to worry about it cleaning it up as it is compatible with reliance’s standard double doodie bag. Five year warranty against any defects caused by manufacturer is given as well.

Porta Potti White Thetford

Best Portable Camping Toilet ReviewsIf you really want to have something out of the box in portable toilet then this is going to fulfill your demands. The porta potti white thetfordcorp has got everything from deign to quality and features. To start with, this portable toilet is an award winning and can be used for any sort of outdoor activities. With a comfortable seat and height this comes with a tank of 4 gallons water capacity. Use of this portable toilet is quite easy and it has got leak proof design.

ZIMMER Portable Toilet Camping

Best Portable Camping Toilet ReviewsThe portable toilet for camping with huge waste tank and other features, is surely going to make your outdoor activities easier than before. First of all, this toilet is available in a small amount of money with all its incredible features. The size of the seat is good enough for both adults and kids alike.
The fresh water tank of this portable toilet is around of 3 gallon with 5 gallon waste tank. It is easy to clean and carry around, a good choice indeed.

Dometic 5 Gallon Series Portable

Best Portable Camping Toilet ReviewsThis one is the domestic 5 gallon series portable toilet with all its great features. It has got unorthodox design unlike many toilets out there and not only this but you will have extra comfort in its seat as well. This portable toilet has got everything nicely place and you will not need to worry about clog as it breaks up quickly to prevent it. With a pack of four this is highly recommended from our side.

Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal

Best Portable Camping Toilet ReviewsPalm springs outdoor portable camping toilet aims to provide you self-contained portable toilet for all sorts of recreational activities. You will get a sturdy full size seat in this toilet and it will make you feel like home. AS far as the water capacity is concerned you will get 3 gallon of fresh water with 5 gallon containing the waste. It just consists of one-piece which is totally leak-free and high density polyethene is used in making of its tanks.


As you have seen that some of the toilets carry huge enough tanks from 5 gallon to 3 gallon water tanks. Some of them require more space and some are foldable into a small space. With this guide you will be at ease in making a wise decision in the end.


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