5 Best Kohler Toilet Reviews of 2020

Everybody wants to save money while not compromising on the quality of product. If you want to buy a quality toilet and do not want to spend huge amount of money then you have come to the right place. In Kohler’s world, you will get amazing features and quality products all in your reach.

There are couple of things that you must consider before buying a quality toilet seat for your bathroom. The money vs. quality comparison, as this is the perfect measure for any brand and customers make their choices based on this. Kohler totally fulfills this criterion as it has got the best quality with less number of dollars. Kohler has been one of the biggest producer of toilets and having a good share in world market. After buying Kohler, you need not to worry about your toilet seat for years to come.

Keep reading as we have got some of the best Kohler toilets for you and you will be able to read all their salient features.

Kohler Toilet Reviews

KOHLER K-6669-0 Memoirs Toilet

Best Kohler Toilet ReviewsOne of the truly best by Kohler, the Kohler memoirs toilet and it has been Amazon’s choice as well. In order to provide you extra comfort, shape of the bowl is made elongated. A huge concern of perfect height is quite crucial and good thing is that you will get comfort height in this toilet.

Design of the toilet determines whether it is easier to clean or not and as far as this is concerned, the toilet has got concealed trapway and clean caps. That allows easier cleaning of the toilet. There is a standard polished chrome trip lever included in the package. Flushing is made quite powerful and this is courtesy to its precisely-engineered parts which help in creating siphon. You will have multiple colors available in this toilet and overall quality, design and features are good enough to make it in this list of best Kohler toilets.

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KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth

Best Kohler Toilet ReviewsIf you are overly concerned to the environment of world then dual flush toilet is good for your bathroom. Kohler has got some of the best dual-flush toilets such as the Kohler wellworth two-piece round front dual-flush toilet with class five flush system, available in white color.

This is a two-piece toilet so you will have to have more space in your bathroom. One thing to mention here that it does not include the seat. This is round front bowl and this is where you will save bit of the space. With a left handed nested trip lever, you will have access to two different sorts of flush. One consumes 1.1 gallon per flush and other is 1.6 gallon per flush. Good thing about this toilet is that it has got the dimensions quite compatible with other wellworth collection. A really good choice for your bathroom.

Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic

Best Kohler Toilet ReviewsThis is the conventional one but it has got some state-of-the-art features which will surely allow you comfortable operation. The Kohler highline classic pressure lite comfort height toilet. This is a two-piece toilet and the design of the toilet is exactly like conventional one with high quality parts. The shape of the bowl is made elongated one and this is where you will have extra room.

As far as flushing system is concerned, it is a pressure assisted flushing system and that is one of the reasons why it is more powerful. Mostly adults find it difficult to sit down and stand up in most of the conventional height toilets. This is not the case here as it has got to provide you comfort height seat which makes things quite easy for adults. Seat and supply line are not included in this package. This is recommended from our side.

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Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort

Best Kohler Toilet ReviewsAnother best toilet by Kohler, the Kohler Santa Rose comfort height elongated toilet with some great flushing technique. First of all you would love its design and as it is one-piece toilet which enables tank and the seat in a single package, saves plenty of space. It is easier to clean again courtesy to its sophisticated design.

This is an elongated toilet but good thing is that it covers exactly the same space as of covered by round front bowl. In order to make it comfortable for all age groups, the seat of the toilet is at comfort height. It consumes 1.28 gallon per flush and that is the reason of its being water conservative toilet. The flushing system is equipped with Aquapiston flush technology which is enabled with gravity assisted system and it has got powerful flush with less noise. There are different colors available in this toilet which you would love to have for sure.

KOHLER K-3619-0

Best Kohler Toilet ReviewsLast but not the least, the Kohler K-3619-0 toilet available in multiple colors. First priority of any customer is to have easy to clean design and this is exactly what you will get in this toilet. It is a one-piece toilet with sleek design and does not take much chemical as well. Elongated shape is good for some extra space and provides comfort.

You do not need to worry about adults anymore as it is totally made up as comfort height toilet and it is similar like a chair height. There is a standard left-hand polished chrome trip lever and one more good thing is that it is quiet too. Grip tight seat is included with this but you will not get supply line. With aqua piston canister which allows it to provide a powerful flush from all sides. A very good choice indeed.


Kohler is a name of quality and you will be a satisfied Kohler customer after buying one of its toilet product. It has got a good customer care system which will be strengthened after buying its stuff.


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