5 Best Duravit Toilet Reviews

Many top quality toilet brands are competing for the market share but amongst them there is Duravit which is held its place high without compromising on its quality and innovation. The foremost important thing about Duravit is that it has got so much to offer as far as innovation in toilets is concerned.

Other things that could be related to Duravit brand that if you see toilet as a matter of d├ęcor of your bathroom then you must consider Duravit. You will find some of the most sophisticated deigns by Duravit and some of them are wall-mounted. Another great aspect of Duravit toilets is that they are pretty much focused on saving water.

In order to save your time and give you an opportunity to select from one of the best products of Duravit, we have gathered here high quality Duravit toilets. You must read one of them and compare all their features so that buying could be made little bit easier.

Duravit Toilet Reviews

Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle

Best Duravit Toilet ReviewsAs you will see here that like it is relatively new brand to talk about so it has got the design which is rather unconventional. The Duravit Durastyle toilet, one-piece which is not only unique in design but also got some features, you will not find anywhere.

First of all there is no fabrics and good thing is that it is one-piece toilet so it does not cover that much space of the bathroom. Another main concern of about any toilet is that how much water does it consume? Here you will have dual-flush compatibility and it depends on your requirements. Both of the flush system offer less amount of water to be consumed which is good enough as per the standards. As far as installation is concerned, it is made for 12 inch rough-in and one thing you must bear in your mind that seat is not given with this.

Duravit 2225090092 Toilet Bowl

Best Duravit Toilet ReviewsIf you are looking for some wall mounted toilet then you have come to the right place. This is Duravit toilet bowl wall mounted starck 3 and you would love its overall design and concept. You need to understand that it is a wash-down model and this is what makes it unique toilet.

This toilet is round in shape and this is again where you will save a lot of space. Another thing that should concern you is that it is a medium sized toilet and you do not have to have large space in your bathroom to fix this. It has got dual-flush system and that is the reason why it conserves water like other Duravit toilets. It is based on an idea of being eco-friendly.

As far seat is concerned, it is not included in it and you will have to buy separately but keep in mind the exact dimension to avoid any inconvenience.

Duravit 113010001 0113010001

Best Duravit Toilet ReviewsThis one is rather an orthodox type of toilet with all its quality promised by Duravit. The Duravit 113010001 0113010001 is a toilet which will not only save your money but will also provide you with some durable toilet seat.

The flush system of this toilet is a sophisticated one with only having a single-flush piston valve. It is equipped with top flush syphonic system which is not only efficient enough but also save lots of water in the process. It is a vertical outlet with 12 inch rough-in and you must consider its dimensions prior to buying so that you may not face any unpleasant situation later on.

This is probably one of the best conventional design toilets with state-of-the-art functions. One more thing to consider that seat and cover will not be provided with this so you have to buy them separately.

Duravit 25350900922 Toilet

Best Duravit Toilet ReviewsOne of the best Duravit toilets, the Duravit toilet wm D-code white washroom model and it is a US-version with medium size. First of all you need to understand that this is not a conventional type of toilet design and that is why it does not cover that much space even being elongated in shape.

Flush system is enabled with dual-flush and that is one of the reasons why it is eco-friendly as it can easily save huge amount of water. This toilet needs in-wall tank, carrier and actuator in order to install and these things are not included. Trip lever is included though. The material used in the making of this toilet is ceramic and that is some high quality ceramic because it is US-version toilet. No batteries needed to operate this thing and it comes up with limited lifetime warranty as well.

Duravit 2227090092 Toilet Bowl

Best Duravit Toilet ReviewsIf you love things which are new in design and show some innovation then you have come to the right place. This is another high quality Duravit toilet with innovative design, the Duravit toilet bowl wall-mounted starck 3.
With its dura fix assembly you will have a concealed fixation. This is a wall mounted toilet so you will be saving plenty of space here. It has got dual-flush system which is not only good for environment but also helps in saving water for immediate needs. The material used in its making is brass porcelain which is durable and gives quality.

It is medium in overall size and that is the reason why it does not cover that much space despite being elongated in shape. Price and customer feedback for this toilet have been great and that is the reason why it is also highly recommended from our side.


You must have understood one thing by now that these best Duravit toilets are truly innovative in design. Other thing is their water conservation concept which is truly crucial nowadays. A good choice indeed.


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