5 Best Dual Flush Toilet Reviews of 2021

Water is a scarce commodity and it is treated as one of the precious things and basic necessity of mankind. Keeping this in view, there has been a drive going on for a long time to save water in toilets. Different mechanisms are adopted since then but dual-flush toilet feature is probably one of the most efficient method till date.

In dual-flush toilets, you will have a control over two different type of flush. They are different based on their water consumption. One of the flushes generally uses less than a gallon per flush and other one is slightly more than a gallon. The great thing is that you are not wasting huge amount of water in the process.

Right now you are going to read a review on some of the top notch brands toilets, which are producing best dual-flush toilets. Other particular features are also tantamount to dual-flush and you have to read to better inform yourself.

Dual Flush Toilet Reviews

American Standard 2887.216.020

Best Dual Flush Toilet ReviewsOne of the best dual-flush toilets, the American standard two-piece dual flush toilet available in two different colors. Shape of the toilet is elongated one and it has got a powerful flushing system. It is enabled with siphonic action dual flush system in order to save water.

This is the foremost important thing for any dual-flush toilet is to give you water efficient operation. This one truly justifies the concept of low consumption and high efficiency functionality. Not only this but you will also get watersense certification for this toilet. Other features include, chrome plated top mounted push button actuator which makes life easy.

Installation process is quite easy and you must know that it is a 12 inch rough-in toilet and you need that certain space in the bathroom. Seat is not included with this but it is going to give you best ever dual-flush operation.

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TOTO CST416M#03 Aquia II

Best Dual Flush Toilet ReviewsWell there can be nothing better than TOTO toilet and with all its quality, features, you would surely to have with its dual-flush toilet. The TOTO Aquia II two-piece toilet with multiple colors available is a good comfortable toilet for sure.

First of all the main feature of this toilet is its dual-flush operation. You can choose in between different flush according to your need and can save plenty of water. Not only that you have dual-flush capability but you will also be provided with dual max flushing system. With this system you will have an efficient flushing capability that is powerful enough. There is a push button style flush system so that anybody can use it without any hesitation. You do not need to worry about the seat as it is included with an oval soft close seat. This is highly recommended from our side.

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KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth

Best Dual Flush Toilet ReviewsKohler with all its brand name has come up with a great model of toilet with dual-flush capability. The Kohler wellworth two-piece dual-flush toilet with all of the features one must want in one’s toilet.

This is a two-piece toilet but you should be aware of the fact that seat is not included. With round front bowl, you will save more space and that is why you can place this in relatively smaller spaces. In order to have dual flushing system, there will be a lever in placed as left hand nested trip. There you can choose in between 1.1 or 1.6 gallon per flush that entirely depends on your need. There is more than 2 and half inch trap way of this toilet. The overall quality, design and features make it a perfect choice for small spaces and if you need to save water as a first priority.

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American Standard 2889218.020 H2Option

Best Dual Flush Toilet ReviewsThis is the American Standard’s toilet with dual-flush. The H2option siphonic dual flush toilet and the most important thing is that it is reasonable in price. It is ADA compliant and you will not face anything regarding its quality as it is up to the mark. Shape of the bowl is round and that is the reason why it can easily be installed in small bathrooms. Likewise, height of the toilet is another critical aspect and in this toilet you will be provided with two different sizes of height, the normal and right height.

Surface of the toilet plays an important role as far as cleanliness is concerned. The surface of this toilet is like branded surface treatment which is EverClean. Last but not the least, this is dual-flush toilet so you will be contributing to water conservation drive all over the world. If you want to have elongated seat in this toilet, it is available too.

American Standard 2887.216.020

Best Dual Flush Toilet ReviewsAnother high quality toilet by American standard. This is American Standard H2Option two-piece dual flush elongated toilet and you can choose in between two different colors. Seat comes up with elongated shape and as it is two-piece toilet so there will be a tank separately placed. As far as consumption of water is concerned, this is going to be one of the best aspects of this toilet.

With dual-flush enabled in you can easily switch between two different flush. Not only this but it is WaterSense certified too. There is a chrome-plated top mounted push button actuator given in this toilet too and this is yet another comfort to count in. Installation process is made easy and you must take into account that it is 12 inch rough-in. Seat is not included and you will have to buy separately if you want one.


Almost all top brands producing dual-flush system have dedicated almost same amount of water quantity per flush. That is the reason why you must understand that along with dual-flush capability you must see other added features too.


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