5 Best Composting Toilet Reviews of 2021

You may have heard about composting toilet or used it before but if you have not and you are living in an area where water scarcity exists, then you should buy a composting toilet for your home. First of all, you need to think this toilet as a “biological toilet” which is almost water free and that is the biggest advantage it has for water scarce regions.

Well, this is not the only thing you will get out of these composting toilets but it benefits the overall environment by using less water and enabling the reuse of nutrients.

You need to look prior to buying that if your state allows composting toilet because there are some regions where you are not even allowed to use such things. Here, we have collected a brief review of some of the best composting toilets in the market, keep reading.

Composting Toilet Reviews

Nature’s Head Self Contained

Best Composting Toilet ReviewsThe Nature’s head self-contained composting toilet with durability and quality which you are looking for. First of all, this composting toilet is made in USA and all quality standards are followed in its manufacturing. The hardware of this toilet is made of stainless and it will give you reliable operation for a long time.

The design of this toilet is made elongated and it is comfortable enough like other toilets. In order to make it empty you will have to disassemble it and it takes only seconds. Other features include vent hose and fan which will add to its efficiency. The design of this toilet is such that it is specially made for marine environment but it is equally efficient in any other place as well. The idea of this toilet is to give you better experience in tough environments where you will not be able to find out home like facilities.

Nature’s Head Dry Composting

Best Composting Toilet ReviewsOne thing is for sure that if you are going to buy composting toilet then you must be looking for a toilet which is not compromised on quality. This one has got all features you would like to have in your efficient composting toilet, the Nature’s head dry composting toilet with standard crank handle and the price is also not that much high.

The process of composting is a main feature for all composting toilets and that is why it is given due importance here. By making use of hand crank agitator in base, whole composting mechanism has been made fast enough. As far as installation of this toilet is concerned, it is quite easy and you will take minimal time to install it. There is a 12 volt power plug in this toilet and the whole deign is not only efficient in operation but also takes less space.

 Villa 9215 AC/DC Separett

Best Composting Toilet ReviewsIf you have tried composting toilets before then you should replace the old one with this newly released Villa 9215 AC/DC composting toilet. You will be able to operate this either with AC supply or it can also be operated via DC, for that you can use solar or batteries.

You will not have to worry about buying extra accessories as all parts for vent and drain are included in the package along with a child seat. It has also got a fan which provides better environment and it has guarantee of three years. Handling of waste is carried out according to standards and it is totally environment friendly. Another important thing to know about this composting toilet is that it comes up with the certification of ETL. You will have to match your requirements prior to buying as there is no return back policy applies on this model.

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

Best Composting Toilet ReviewsThis is one of the best composting toilets, the Nature’s head composting toilet with spider handle. One thing is for sure about this composting toilet that it has got the best customer service. As far as installation is concerned, it can easily be done using simple mechanism.

The issue regarding any composting toilet is that it may give some sort of odor but this is not the case here as it does its operation without any odor. You will not need any sort of maintenance and one more important thing is that it provides 5 years of warranty as well. The capacity of this composting toilet gives an extra advantage as it can be used by 2 person and it will need to be emptied after 4 to 6 weeks. Process of emptying this requires only five minutes. This composting toilet is introduced by improving its design and that is the reason why you will not get disappointed after its use.

Sun-Mar Corp Excel Self-Contained

Best Composting Toilet ReviewsThe Sun-Mar excel self-contained composting toilet is one of the composting toilets which has to offer you ultimate quality with longer operation times. Not only this but you will be amazed to know that this is the first ever composting toilet to have been national sanitation foundation certification.

The whole operation of the toilet is odorless and that is due to the fact, it carries 2 inch vent which goes out of the house. The vent does not only keep the house odorless but it also helps in keeping the house clean.

The design of this composting toilet is such that it does not require water which actually helps in save water. With great design and overall quality this is going to be one of your best experiences with composting toilet.


Now you are well informed about some of the best composting toilets and that will surely help you out next time you hit the market. Rule of thumb is to know your own priorities before trying anything new.


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