7 Best American Standard Toilet Reviews

If you really want to save money while choosing a good toilet then this is the brand to consider. There is one thing certainly true about this brand that it has to offer some of the cheapest toilets in the market. Not only that but you will not need any sort of renovation of your bathroom to fit this thing.

American standard is a name of quality and it is one of the competitors of another high quality toilet brand “Kohler”. This brand is a good choice with minimal budget. There is nothing bad in drawing comparisons between brands based on features vs. price and quality. You will find American Standard well above renowned brands due to its great customer service and construction quality.

Keep reading, we have made sure you have a list of some of the quality top American Standard toilets with all their features.

American Standard Toilet Reviews

American Standard 2888.216.222 H2Option

Best American Standard Toilet ReviewsThis brand is without any doubt a symbol of quality and this is one of the best toilets produced by them. The American Standard H2Option siphonic dual flush toilet. This is a two-piece toilet and you will have a choice of multiple colors in it. You will love its quality as it is made up of vitreous china construction and another great thing about the toilet is that you may choose in between round or elongated bowl shape. With right height seat this is going to be quite comfortable. As far as flushing is concerned, it has got a dual flush siphon action bowl. Nothing to worry about its cleanliness as it has EverClean surface and not to forget seat is not included in the package.

American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 FloWise

Best American Standard Toilet ReviewsThe American standard cadet 3 FloWise two-piece toilet and you will see that it has that unique design and features, which will surely attract you. In order to give you easy to clean method, there is a concealed trapway to do this job. This is good for relatively smaller bathrooms and it comes with round front bowl. You will only have to use 1.28 gallon per flush and this is probably one of the most water conservative toilet being sold right now. With slow-close seat included and all these features, it is a good choice indeed.

American Standard 2034314.222 Champion-4

Best American Standard Toilet ReviewsAmerican Standard has produced some of the quality one-piece toilets and this is truly one of them. The American Standard champion-4 one-piece elongated toilet. Its elongated shape gives added comfort. The other major concern for any toilet is its height and you will have two different heights available in this, normal and right height. It consumes around 1.6 gallon per flush of water and its Everclean surface guarantees the surface cleaned for longer period of time. Not only this but it has also included a soft close seat and you need to be bear this in mind that it can be shipped all over the USA except California and Texas.

American Standard 270AB001.020 Cadet 3

Best American Standard Toilet ReviewsThis is Cadet 3 American Standard toilet and it also makes sure you enjoy every feature of American Standard in it. The American Standard Cadet 3 right height elongated two-piece toilet and it has got the perfect dimensions.
Of course you will have to install this toilet in a bigger space but it is provided with ADA elongated tank and bowl. One of the best aspects of this toilet is that it is manufactured with vitreous china material and made in such a way to give you an easy-to-clean method. Its surface is equipped with Ever Clean antimicrobial and with seat included you will love its features.

American Standard 2851A105.020 Town Square

Best American Standard Toilet ReviewsThe American Standard town square and it is available in quite reasonable price too. The design of this toilet is pretty much inspired by classical American architecture. This is a one-piece toilet so you will be saving a lot of space as it is compact enough to adjust. Height of the toilet is yet another critical aspect for any toilet and as far as this toilet is concerned, you will have right height toilet which will be easy for adults. Its surface is enabled with Ever Clean and it will be unaffected of bacteria and odor. You can choose in between left and right hand lever in this toilet which makes it a complete package.

American Standard Cadet 3

Best American Standard Toilet ReviewsEverybody wants to have a quality toilet with quite reasonable price and this is exactly the same. The American Standard cadet 3 flowise two-piece toilet. You can have this toilet in two different rough-in configuration 12 and 10 in. This toilet offers ADA elongated toilet combination consisting of tank and bowl. The material used in the making of this toilet is vitreous china which ensures durability with ever new shinning surface. Not only this but the surface of this toilet is good enough because of EverClean antimicrobial surface, which prevents bad things to gather. Seat is not included in this though.

American Standard 2403.128.020 Compact

Best American Standard Toilet ReviewsThis is one of the most inexpensive not only for American Standard but overall too. The American Standard compact cadet-3 flowise one-piece toilet, available in multiple colors. It is understood that elongated bowl covers more space but this one is designed in such a way to cover equal space such as round front bowl. It has got 16.5 in rim height which is not only comfortable but also ADA compliant. You must be curious about its water consumption and for your surprise this is going to give you best water efficient operation. This toilet is EPA WaterSense program certified. Soft close seat is provided with this toilet and with all these features and less price, highly recommended from our side.


American Standard has established its quality products since long back. You will be amazed too see such high quality toilet products under this budget. Prior to buying any of its toilet you must consider all your requirements and compare price with other brands. You will have a good comparison then to choose in between.


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