Best 4 Flushing Systems for Toilet

If you make a list of things to consider prior to buying a brand new toilet, then you would probably end up putting the flushing system at first. This is also justified, provided the due importance of a flush system in toilet which is solely responsible for cleaning it up.

It does not have the duty of cleaning up the toilet but also do it in minimum amount of water. There are even states in USA where you are not allowed to waster plenty of water and having an efficient flushing system might give you an upper hand. Here, you are going to read top four most flushing systems and with all their advantages. A fair comparison will surely help you out in deciding your next decision.

Top Flushing Systems for Toilet

1- Pressure Assisted

AS the name suggests, you are going to have some sort of powerful flushing system out of this. If you want to learn how it works then you can have an idea of pressurized air, which helps in forcing it with greater force.
One of the advantages of this flushing system is that you do not get to see clogging here. Due to the extra pressure on water, it passes smoothly and cleans everything down to the core. Another feature that you will occasionally find out with this flushing system is the dual-flush system.

This is a general perception that pressure assisted toilet cannot go well with dual-flush systems. This is not the case all the time though. The only thing that can go against these pressure assisted flushing system is the noise. They can make plenty of noise as compared to other flushing systems. As far as maintenance is concerned, newer models need less maintenance and that makes them even more tempting.

2- Gravity Flush

You cannot ask yet effective method for flushing system and it has probably the oldest one too. The whole operation of the gravity flushing system is assisted by gravity which is the actual force behind making the water flow with some good pace.

The most generally used method in these gravity assisted flushing systems is the one known as siphonic action. Good thing about these flushing systems is that they are quiet and people who are fond of too much noise prefer this toilet. Another advantages of having this flushing system in your toilet is that you will have negligible maintenance, specially for the flushing system.

This is due to the fact that gravity assisted flushing system does not consist of plenty of interconnected parts. If you are concerned about how the performance of this system is seen for one- or two-piece toilets, then you will be satisfied to know, it is the same function. Without any doubt, this is the most preferred and used flushing system all over the globe and people still prefer this simple yet elegant design of flush.

3- Dual flush

Every top brand has brought innovation in its designs and flushing system is no exception to this. With different requirements from the flushing system, the thing most widely regarded as fundamental parameter of performance, is its water consumption.

If the toilet is able to save good amount of water then it is of great importance, specially for the water scarcity regions. Dual flush toilet system actually allows you to choose between full and half flush. You could say that if waste can easily be handled with less amount of water then you should not waste more than the required. This flushing system is enhanced by using pressure assisted flushing mechanism, which helps in realizing higher force with minimum water.

You must be curious about the water consumption rating of these toilets. It should go around 1.6 gallon per flush for the complete flush and lies somewhere between 0.6 to 1.1 gallon per flush. This is not only going to save lots of your money from the water bill but if you think a bigger picture, then you are working for the betterment of world environment too. Still there is huge competition faced by this sort of flushing system because of the fact that people do not casually find out its importance. This can be predicted from here that dual flush system is going to pick up and will make a huge impact on the market share.

4- Double cyclone system

You must have heard the name of TOTO brand if you have been buying toilets lately. This is truly one of the leading brands with innovative designs and features. Double cyclone flush system is the feature introduced by the aforementioned brand and the pure objective is to exploit force to trade off with water quantity.

There is a general rule to understand that if you have less amount of water then you need to put some sort of extra force to push and get the job done. This is the mechanism used by this double cyclone system. The double cyclone by TOTO uses only 1.28 gallon per flush of water but it should not confuse with the fact that it is not able to create any impact. By this 1.28 gallon of water, you will still be able to have a 1.6 gallon per flush like system and again all courtesy to its double cyclone feature.

The mechanism of this flushing system can well be understood that it uses two nozzles rather than a rim. Not only this but it creates siphonic action too down there, which is something similar to gravity flush systems. You can have this toilet for reasons that could be ranging from saving water to powerful flush system and bit of quality from TOTO.


With all this discussion in hand, now you are more than able to decide about the flushing system for your toilet. First of all, you must acknowledge all your needs and it should be based on your region then try to compare prices from different brands to see what fits in nicely.


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