5 Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet Reviews of 2021

It is highly unlikely for you to find huge space for bathroom in urban centers and this where the need of compact toilets comes in. There are plenty of different techniques in designs to save space and making 10 inch rough-in is one of the effective ones.

If you do not about what is rough-in in toilet then you think it as of the distance between back wall and the center of the drainage point of toilet. Conventional rough-in goes by 12 inch but reducing it to 10 inch makes a huge difference as far overall size of the toilet is concerned. Other advantages associated with 10 inch rough-in toilets are like they are easy to install as compared to the conventional ones.

You need to understand 10 inch rough-in is not available with every model of toilet and that is the reason why we have gathered you some of the best 10 inch rough-in toilets with all their amazing features. Keep reading.

10 Inch Rough In Toilet Reviews

TOTO Drake

Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet ReviewsWithout any second thought this toilet is going to stand out in almost all the toilets of 10 inch rough-in. The TOTO drake elongated bowl and tank that is available in different colors. The design of this toilet can be regarded as high profile design. This is a 10 inch rough-in toilet and you need to understand that most of the toilets are of 12 inch rough-in and you need to consider this fact prior to buying.

There is a G-Max flushing system in the toilet which enables not only the powerful flushing of the toilet but also it is less noisy and provides commercial grade flushing performance. Not only that but the flush has 3 inch wide flush valve which is way larger than the conventional ones. The only thing that might concern you a bit about this toilet is that it does not have a toilet seat with it. A good quality and recommended 10 inch rough-in toilet for sure.

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KOHLER K-3851-0 Cimarron

Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet ReviewsThe brand Kohler has been producing all sorts of quality toilets and this is probably one of the best 10 inch rough-in toilet by Kohler. The Kohler Cimarron comfort height two-piece round front toilet enabled with innovative features. As mentioned earlier, it is a round-front two-piece toilet which is quite suitable for small bathrooms. Most of the adults find it difficult to stand up and sit down in conventional toilets but this offers you comfort height toilet seat.

The flushing system of this toilet is equipped with Aqua piston flush technology that guarantees powerful flushing with less water consumption. It takes only 1.28 gallons per flush and with that powerful flushing technology, it will be more than enough. The quality of this toilet is up to the standards and you would love to have this 10 inch rough-in toilet as it is worth experiencing.

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Kohler K-3999-47 Highline

Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet ReviewsYou will see that this toilet is not only good inn quality and probably one of the best produced by Kohler for 10 inch rough-in but it is also provided with other amazing features. First of all, the bowl of this toilet is elongated and that is the reason it adds more space. Another good feature that you would have is the comfort height toilet which is good for adults. Seat is not included in the package.

Other features of this toilet include best flushing performance as it is the class five (R) toilet. You will not have to worry more about cleanliness of the bowl as it remains clean with powerful flushing. Installation of this toilet is rather easy and it is 3-bolt installation with three pre-installed tank that make the whole installation process quite easy.

American Standard 270AB001.020 Cadet 3

Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet ReviewsThis is one of the best 10 inch rough-in toilet, the American Standard cadet 3 right height toilet. The design of this toilet is such that it promises efficient performance. The shape of this toilet is elongated one and it is a two-piece design. Construction of the toilet is done with virtuous china material and that is the reason why it is always shinning and easy to clean as well. Surface of the toilet is made to provide antimicrobial surface which remains clean.

Flush valve of this toilet is of 3 inch and you will be amazed to know that it is larger than the conventional size of the valve. There is chemical resistant flapper as well and one thing that you must know, seat is not included with this. Flushing system of the toilet is guaranteed to give you best ever experience and you would recommend this model to others as well.

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American Standard 270BB001.222 Cadet 3

Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet ReviewsAmerican standard is known as one of the leading producers of toilets and this toilet is one of the examples for sure. The American standard cadet 3 right height round front toilet. This is a two-piece toilet with 10 inch rough-in, price is also reasonable. Good thing about the toilet is that it is ADA compliant. The round bowl makes it a perfect choice for small spaces.

There is nothing to worry about its reliability as it is made up of vitreous china material that provides durability. Not only that but it is quite easy to clean as well. You should not worry about clogging anymore as there is huge enough trapway to avoid any sort of clogging. Seat is not included in this but you will see that overall quality is perfect and this is going to be your number one choice after using it.


You must have realized by now that almost every brand has got 10 inch rough-in toilets and this is because of the requirement of the market right now. You should and must compare toilets with such installation configuration with other features like flushing system and shape of the bowl.


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