American Standard Town Square Toilet Review

American Standard Town Square Toilet ReviewIt would be amazing to know that American Standard as a brand has been working since 19th century and it has been producing some quality kitchen and bathroom products. There is something very common in all products of this brand that they maintain the price with best quality.

Product Review

It is estimated that more than 50 % market share goes with the products of American Standard and this is because of the reason that many plumbing companies either merged to the brand or working under its umbrella. Right now you are going to read about one of its toilets and you will be amazed to see that it has got simple yet reliable design. This is the toilet which is designed to save water as there are some states in USA where you have water scarcity and having such toilets is of greater need. With all its pros and cons, it will be a lot easier to decide after reading this review.


This is more like a fact that you will get quality and some unique features in American Standard toilet and this is one of them. The American Standard town square toilet available in linen color. Shape of the toilet is elongated and it is a two-piece toilet along with duroplast slow close seat and the cover. You will need to have good space in your bathroom in order to adjust it because of its being elongated in shape.

The flush system is seen as one of the most important things in any toilet and this toilet is equipped with siphon action jetted bowl. The design of this toilet is made with smooth-sided concealed trapway and this is the reason why it is easy to clean with less chemical in use. You will also get power wash rim which is responsible for scrubbing the bowl with its each flush. Another good thing about this toilet is that you will not have to worry about the seat height as it is around 16 inch high and good got accessible applications.

As far as installation is concerned, it comes up with a 12 inch rough-in which is quite conventional sort of rough-in out there in the market. All these features when come together make life a lot easier and customers are more than satisfied.


Without any doubt this toilet offers way more than advantages and you will be amazed to learn this as we are listing down some of the key advantages.

  • First of all it does not make a lot of noise while flushing and this is one of the major concerns for customers who want an efficient flush system with less noise.
  • It is not only made in such a way to save water but you will not even hear any noise while water being filled in the tank.
  • The surface of this toilet is enabled with EverClean surface which is responsible for keeping this toilet away from any sort of dirt or microbes. This also helps in saving your chemical expenditure which could have been very high if it did not have that EverClean feature.
  • Its flush system is guided with power wash rim and extra wide three inch flush valve. This is the reason why it comes with greater pressure and uses less amount of water.


Well it is obvious you do not get to see many bad things from such high quality toilet brand and specially from this sort of model. Even based on customers’ review there are things that you should know prior to buying.

  • You will have to care about the dimensions you are going to place this toilet because width of the seat and the tank is different. Not only this but you will probably be needing some extra space for its elongated bowl. It is advised to keep this thing in mind while buying any of two-piece toilet like this one.
  • It has got concealed trapway design and this is where you have to trade-off between its efficient design and the installation process. It makes things bit difficult to reach to the closet bolts due to the design but overall it is not a big problem once it is fixed.


You would love to have this toilet as there are multiple advantages associated with this as you have just gone through. Other thing is that American Standard provides better quality vs. money comparison if you look at other brands and their products. It is a good choice indeed with reasonable amount of money.


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