American Standard Champion 4 Review

Product Overview

American Standard Champion 4This one is from the American Standard, the Champion-4 right height one-piece elongated toilet in white color. The good thing about this toilet is that it comes up with ADA compliance.

American Standard has been on top of the list when it comes to quality toilets and this is a perfect example of their products. A one-piece toilet like this becomes quite popular as it does not cover too much space and provided several advantages, this was surely going to be a huge success from day one.

There is nothing to worry about its flush system as it is the most efficient one in the market and one more thing is that you will not get to see stain and odor on its surface. This model with all these amazing features is backed up by a 10-year warranty.


Without any doubt, American standard has been the producer of some quality toilets and that is what reflects here too, in this model. First of all, it is a one-piece toilet so you should know that it may be adjusted in smaller spaces as well. Here, you are going to read some of its amazing features which are just possible because of the brand.

Unique surface – This is n exaggeration that the surface of this toilet is made in such a way to make sure that it does not gather stain or odor. In return, the toilet remains bacteria-free too.

Reliability – Not only that this toilet is available at quite a reasonable price but it also gives you the durability you have always been looking for. It has got the vitreous china material in use which has become the standard for making high-quality toilets.

Flush system – To provide you the complete customer satisfaction the flush system of the toilet is not the only factory tested but approved for higher efficiency. There is no error in the performance of its flush system as it has got one of the best currently used in American Standard toilets.

Warranty for ten-year – No matter what brand you are talking about if there is no warranty then customers tend to overlook that product. That is the reason why this toilet comes up with a ten-year warranty. You will not have to worry about anything regarding malfunctioning as American Standard is liable for this.

Wider Trapway – This is no doubt one of the few aspects that determines the overall quality of the toilet. With its wider trapway, this model by American Standard is going to give you the experience of your lifetime. It is considered to be the widest trapway amongst all toilets.


The good thing about such high-quality toilets is that they do have so many reasons to be bought. There are some obvious reasons explained in detail hereunder that will compel you to buy this toilet for your very own bathroom.

Siphon Jet Flush – If you are concerned about the water consumption of your toilet and you want it to be less then surely it is the one. With its highly efficient flushing technique of siphon jet flush, you will get a quick flush with less water consumption. On average, there will be 1.6 gallons per flush water to be consumed.

Comfort Height – Well height of the toilet is another concern that you should worry about if there is any old age member of yours in your home. Fortunately, this toilet accommodates the comfort height and that is the reason widely recommended for old age people.

Warranty – No brand can beat this toilet in terms of its warranty as it gives a ten-year warranty. You will have great customer care by the manufacturers and that is the reason why this brand is one of the leading brands.


One thing is common in such a high-end toilet by the top brand that they have got a very less negative comment from the customers. This is the case here as well but still, some of the customers have complained about its installation process and the quality of the different parts of the toilet. It could be observed that more than 70 percent of the feedback is free from bad reporting which surely tells the success of this model.


If you have not tried anything before of American Standard then you should try this one as it has got most of the trademark things produced by American Standard. A nice choice indeed.


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